December 2017 Announcements


At this time we are accepting monetary donations for Christmas flowers, specifically poinsettias.  Our goal is a minimum of $500 to cover flowers and decorations for the Church and hall.  A box is located on the candle table for these specific contributions, or you may simply place your check in the collection basket with a "flowers" notation on the memo line, or cash in the envelopes in the hall.  For cash donations it would be helpful to write your name and the designation "flowers," on the envelopes.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.     

Church School, Council Meeting, Confession

This month's Church School will meet on Saturday, December 9, at 4:00 pm.   Our monthly Council Meeting will take place on Sunday, December 17, during Coffee Hour.  General Confession will be conducted on Wednesday, December 20 at 6:00 pm.

Chili Cookoff, Sunday, January 21

On Sunday, January 21, immediately after the Divine Liturgy, St. Barbara's will hold its Annual Chili and Cornbread Competition.   After the first of the year, a sheet will be placed in the hall for contestants to sign-up.  Prizes will be offered for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.  You will not want to miss this popular event.  Please see Mrs. Lynn Powers for more details. 

General Parish Meeting, Sunday, January 28

St. Barbara's will convene its Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, January 28, immediately following the Divine Liturgy.   All Church members are invited to participate.

Nativity and New Years Services

On Wednesday, December 20, Vespers for the Nativity Prefeast will be celebrated at 7:00 pm.  On Friday, December 22, from 10 am to 11:45 am, we will celebrate the Royal Hours of the Nativity Feast.  On Saturday, December 23 a 6:30 pm Vespers will be preceded by Baptisms at 4 pm. The Christmas Eve Service will begin at 5:00 pm on Sunday, December 24.  Divine Liturgy for Christmas will be celebrated on Monday, December 25, at 10:00 am.  In addition, Liturgy will be celebrated Monday, January 1, at 10:00 am, for the Feast of the Circumcision of our Lord, the Feast of St. Basil the Great, as well as for New Year's.  Vespers for these feasts will be celebrated at 12:45 pm after Coffee Hour on Sunday, January 31.